PROPOSAL FOR: Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church Gala

Event: Annual fundraiser for the church & catholic church.
Details: Saturday April 18, 2020.
Services: 45 minute interactive entertainment with a message to connect the attendees with their hearts (and wallets) after dinner and before the auctions.

The Entertainer

Jonathan Pritchard

Mentalist & Speaker

Jonathan’s first professional opportunity was at age 13 for a company’s summer picnic where he walked around entertaining the company’s employees and their families. Since then he’s travelled the world entertaining the US military, appearing on America’s Got Talent, performing on the Vegas strip, and working with the country’s most well known companies in a variety of opportunities.

Clients Who Trust Jonathan

Pricing for the Date: $5,550

Retainer is 50% of fee.

Jonathan Pritchard

April 18th, 2020 Fundraiser

100% money back guarantee: If Jonathan says or does anything on or offstage that is unprofessional, or unbecoming of your organization then you don’t have to pay him. Simple as that.