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“It was one of the clear highlights of the Expo and Learning part of the conference. Most mentioned how they appreciated the presentation itself and the dynamic content.”

~Theo, BP Executive

Relationships & Results For the Digital Age

As more businesses turn to fully automated solutions, genuine human interaction is becoming more scarce (and therefore more valuable when done well).

Our strategy focuses on collaborative experiential design for high value clients at trainings, trade shows, and more.

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Jonathan Pritchard

principal partner

Jonathan is a business owner based in Chicago with a background in consulting, training, and audience engagement with the world’s most successful companies. He’s also the author of several books and an entrepreneurial mentor at the world’s #1 tech incubator, 1871.

Ken Wrede

leadership development

Ken is an experienced international business executive & entrepreneur with a wide-ranging background in the worlds of international business, consulting, and startups. He has 27 years of international leadership experience in South Korea, The Netherlands, Spain, and France.

Joe Friedman

corporate skills trainer

Joe has over 20 years experience in sales, training, and consulting. Joe’s career path has taken him from the faculty at Northeastern Illinois University to First Chicago and now all over the world as a soft skills trainer for companies like Kraft, Hewlett Packard, and more.

Andrew Morris

language connector

Andrew Morris is an experienced French to English translator who plays a prominent leadership role within the global translation community, in particular in his work as communication head for the world’s largest translator network,

Within his company, Morris Traduction, he works in close collaboration with a team of handpicked professionals who also provide translation, editing and copywriting services in most major European and Asian languages.

He also leads the Language Mastermind, a worldwide community of language learning enthusiasts.

Shaily Hakimian

social media sherpa

Shaily is in love with social media and excited about what it can do for companies who know how to use it properly. She’s an expert at combining motivation, teaching skills, and social media knowledge to help businesses on & off-line.

Brent Braun

creativity & innovation

Brent is an expert in television & live audience engagement. His experience includes consulting with a variety of national television projects, as well as several Netflix projects. He provides the very best in business management, private coaching, script writing and personal development services.

Justus Harris

med-tech visualization

Justus is a Stanford Medicine X 2019 ePatient scholar and has developed health communication tools building on his perspective as a person living with type 1 diabetes for fourteen years. He speaks and consults on person-centered design for greater empathy between providers and patients.

Colin Dunn

personal branding

Colin is a business owner specializing in custom tailoring & personal branding. He’s based in Chicago with clients across the United States. He also consults about the power of branding, image, and first impressions.